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Little less conversation..

Sometimes terror gets too close to our lives.When our relatives do not come back from one end journey to hell.It may seems that there is only 0,000000675 chance of happening(you will be overrun by car much likely).But with this mathematical law comes fear.Fear of death,and fear of loss.

 Fear is a killer of freedom.The most holy thing modern society have.Without freedom we are no more but a will less muppets of fate.We always fight for our freedom till death with our enemies.And our enemies know cost of this privilege very well.They trying to do everything they can just to make us scary and hopeless.But sometimes right focus on this awful events can bring us understanding of value of this treasure.This acts can make people join together against absolute evil.It is a matter of time to sort this mess out and we will start a new life,brighter one i hope.We should never answer on any provocation of any person,because it is that,what they are waiting for.Only ignorance can make them weaker.
We will lose our freedom when we will stop to fight for it.And fear is a reason to put down our hands.So keep going forward even if it is the most difficult thing you have ever done,There is no actual reason to give up,we can go through any loss,break 7- feet wall of well-made brick,it is all possible for us.Only in hard times we will show our very character and evolute .When everyone trying to behave themselves like cattle,you should never forget what it feels to be a MAN.Do not let these idiots win in a battle for our freedom.                                                                                        

In addition to my last post i would like to say more about my fear,and possibility of it to ruin my life.I am afraid to communicate,almost with anyone.I was unable to call a taxi without shy,just recently,i did not have a strength to beat this thing.But i still afraid of women.Of course i do not hide under sofa when i see one.But i can't find a theme to talk,regardless of my unstoppable tongue,that makes me say some things i do not want.I start aching and get a high heart rate.When i saw my ex with some other guy in a cinema,i hardly did not have an infarct,at the age of 20 years!Is not it an absurd?
The problem is that i really love them,i want them,i want to communicate with them.But fear do not let me to do the right stuff.And one day i started to fight with this complex.I getting out portionally a bag of shit from me,and it comes through pain from stepping on my ego,because i used to see myself in a bright light.I spent huge amounts of money(at my opinion) at shops just to make me look more presentable,a little little less.But this less gives me heritage to go on.And it is worth it,because otherwise i would never did the thing i do.A price is high,but for me result is priceless,as it may not seem so obvious to you.And now just imagine what fear of terror can do with modern society,it can vaporise their freedom at all.And we can never stand up from our knees.So if is not time to prove our citizen position without any regret and fear?

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